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Manufacturer and Govt’s firm part can help economy well built

Manufacturer and Govt’s firm part can help economy well built

We must follow anti coronavirus steps to make Pakistan Day and Pakistanis save and live longer
Interview with Mr Ahmed Chinoy — a renowned businessman

Profile: Mr Ahmed Chinoy is a businessman by profession and social activist by nature. Being in his profession for over 25 years with a vast experience and knowledge, he is associated with the textile industry since the beginning of his career. He is also heading Pakistan Cloth Merchants Association, an organization looking after the trade regulations with regards to textiles in the country. His business has diversified into more categories that are Construction Development, Project Management and Controlled Poultry Farms. He has served as the CPLC Chief for over 6 years and is associated with multiple NGOs working for the betterment of the country in different fields such as health, law and order situation, education and other departments. This work has led him to be the recipient of two highly prestigious National Awards: Sitara-e-Imtiaz and Hilal-e-Imtiaz. He is currently serving as the Director of Pakistan Stock Exchange.

PAGE: Your views on the Pakistan Day festivities this year due to the fear of coronavirus?

Ahmed Chinoy: Pakistan Day has a very significant importance in the heart of every Pakistani individual but the current scenario of coronavirus, which has taken the world in its control. As it has been prescribed by our government and international organizations, we should take precautionary measures and avoid major public gatherings for these festivities. As a Pakistani, we should inherit the teachings of our founders and elders and try to make Pakistan a better place to live and work. Our good deeds will help Pakistan grow more rather than public gatherings. This year, we shall avoid festivities and in return make vows to become better citizens.

PAGE: Could you tell me about the travel opportunities in Pakistan?

Ahmed Chinoy: As you are well aware, Pakistan has been nominated as the No. 1 travel destination for 2020. This opens doors for many opportunities for people to come visit Pakistan and explore the country in every aspect. Pakistan is the land of opportunities and travelling will play a major role in 2020 and beyond.

PAGE: How would you comment on Pakistan’s trade with the world over the period of last five years?

Ahmed Chinoy: Pakistan’s trade has seen a significant growth in the last 5 years with the trade deficit decreasing rapidly. This shows a positive impact on the trade industry and we expect to see some relief for trade owners resulting in much better results.

PAGE: How could the manufacturing sector in Pakistan tackle the situation of paucity of raw material in the wake of coronavirus?

Ahmed Chinoy: The manufacturing sector has a very big opportunity to grow at this very point of time. I believe that a disaster also opens doors for new opportunities. But as it is said, you cannot clap with one hand. It is not only the manufacturer that has to perform, it is also the time when the government shall play a major role and provide enough subsidies so that cost effective raw materials can be manufactured. This will also help us in the long run and we can be self-sufficient enough so that we do not go to other countries for procurement of raw material. Since we import raw material from various countries, the deceleration in the import of raw material in the wake of the existing pandemic across the world could pose daunting challenges for the manufacturers and this could eventually slow down the economic activities in the country. This might in one way cause hike in prices of the commodities for which the concerned authorities need to be vigilant so that the masses may not face the double whammy. The raw material to fabricate essential and life-saving medicine must be ensured. Pakistan is blessed with everything and God is so kind to this country. Pakistan has withstood many economic jolts over the period of last two decades in particular and has always emerged from the difficulties. I am confident Pakistan would be able to stand all existing economic strains and there would be good times in the not-too-distant-future.

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