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FFC’s contribution to Pakistan

Fauji Fertilizer Company Limited (FFC) is the leading fertilizer manufacturing & marketing company of the country, with around 4 million tons per annum sales volume and widespread dealers’ network across the country. FFC manufactures & markets its own Sona Urea (Prilled) and associated company FFBL products Sona Urea (Granular) & Sona DAP. In order to promote balanced fertilizer use and contribute in national food security, FFC is also marketing imported fertilizer products i.e. FFC DAP, FFC SOP, FFC MOP, Sona Zinc and Sona Boron.

FFC has built a loyal customer base through consumer oriented strategy by marketing quality products backed by efficient and effective agriculture support services. Farm advisory services are an integrated approach of agronomic, extension and soil & water testing activities. The Agri. Services team, who provide guidance in line with area crops and socio-economic position of the farmers, contact every year more than 50 thousand farmers and around 14 thousand soil and water samples are analyzed. The company maintains close liaison with research organizations to transfer the latest findings to the farming community through our farm advisory services. The Kashtkar Desk is developed on corporate website (www.ffc.com.pk) to assist the farmers in profitable farming.

Premium quality fertilizers along with advisory services for farmers on new cultivation techniques help increasing food production and increase the productive potential of land, which is imperative to ensure sustainable food supply and to meet the nutritional needs of the growing population.

FFC plays an active role in supporting public services through tax payments/collection and foreign exchange savings.

FFC is playing a vital role for sustainable development goals, national food security, agri-sector output by providing quality fertilizers, promoting best farming practices, sustainable returns to the stakeholders and contribution to national economy.

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